If you are confused Takhtari Afsh your home .. 5 needs need to know the most important "Khaliky simple"
Sunday, December 31, 2017

Isra Abdelkader
The selection of the appropriate decorations for the house, and the colors of the paints from the important aspects when preparing the house, then come the most important stage, the choice of furniture suitable for each room and according to the size of the house in general, each girl begins to marry in the selection of home furniture with great care, according to taste, according to To the form she long dreamed of becoming her home.
The latest trends in home furnishings dominate the tastes of girls when preparing their homes, but girls often choose how to choose the right pieces of furniture. They can identify the colors and the fabric, but can not choose the right furniture for their home space and processing system, Or the model followed.
Modern living room Modern living room

According to the architect of the decoration "Mohammed Amer" for the "seventh day," The selection of furniture suitable for the house varies according to many criteria and calculations, such as the budget for the purchase of furniture, and the area of ​​the house, and the system in the house "Classic or Modern."
Know how to choose the right home furniture for your home:

Modern decoration and modern decoration
Favorite colors

In the beginning, you need to specify the colors to choose the colors of your home furniture, according to your favorite colors, according to the paints, and appropriately with the fashion colors of furniture in the market.
Home Furniture Home Furniture
The house area

The space of your home and the rooms certainly control how to choose furniture shapes, but it does not restrict you to choosing large pieces of furniture with large space, small pieces of furniture with small spaces, but you can choose the furniture you dream of under good condition. The most important pieces of furniture used only.
Living room living room
the difference

A lot of girls are looking for a difference when choosing home furniture. The decorator thinks that the difference is needed to make your home distinctive, but choose the most relaxed shapes. It is best to choose the most common forms of furniture for the home. Handcrafts, whenever they are different and distinct without the need for glamor and congestion in their components.
Bedroom Bedroom
Combine Modern and Classic

If you want to combine the classic and modern forms of furniture in your home, you need to know the appropriate places where you can use it, for example the bedroom can be in a modern or classic style, as well as the living room, the dining room, or living room and children's bedroom, It is best to choose a modern system when choosing the right furniture for it.
Decorative Decorations

Mohammed Amer advises girls to look for simple designs for home furnishings, especially large ones, such as the cupboards in the bedroom and the large sofa in the living room, where the quiet shapes, free of inscriptions, give the room a special touch and taste