Excerpts from the architecture of Zaha Hadid
Sunday, March 31, 2019

The words of Zaha Hadid

«It is very important to allow historical cities to re-invent their future»


The design consists of two main blocks. The opera house is located near the Pearl River, so the striking iron of the opera was inspired by the gravel forms on the banks of the river. Its exterior design inspired the impact of wind and water on the rocks to appear to have carved the building. As a result of its extraordinary beauty, Hadid wanted to represent the effects of river sculpture in the valleys. The main hall of the house accommodates 1,800 people and has a smaller, 400-seat multipurpose hall for operas and plays. The interior design is based on the natural lighting that comes from triangular windows that are brilliantly distributed to make the most of the natural light, wherever you look inside or outside the building you will see the usual Zaha Hadid fingerprint in smooth flowing lines that harmonize with each other in perfect harmony.


Opera House

The tower is a layer of glass, in contrast to the classic form of tower shapes. [98] The design came in the form of two conglomerates, such as Siamese twins with soft, curved interior spaces, where the ceiling is merged with floors and walls, with squares and ceilings scattered. The building includes all the activities of the college in its unified bloc, including design studios, laboratories, workshops, seminars and seminars, along with classes and exhibitions on its entire 15-story and 76-meter


The tower's innovation tower opens on a network of proposed trains, expected to match the era of space stations, where the marble floor is fully covered, the walls lined with gold water paint, and the natural air conditioning in one of the world's most elevated temperatures. The interior design seems as if the travelers are living in an uncluttered atmosphere, so that the architecture has made the facade allow the interior to be illuminated almost completely without allowing the heat of the incandescent sun to penetrate. The final design of the station was also taken into account.