Fashion colors of parquet for 2018
Monday, October 8, 2018

The colors of the parquet approved last year continue until this year, but with some details of the colors.

In this context, " Sayidaty Net " readers of the colors of the parquet for 2018, in the following:

Dark wood color

Dark colors dominate this year on solid wood flooring, enhancing contrast in decor, especially if the shelves and cabinets in the room are light colors, making the interior look more luxurious.

Dark parquet flooring is preferred in the spacious rooms, which can make the interior look smaller than it actually is.

The indication that choosing dark brown degrees confers more warmth.


Light wood color

Light-colored wood floors remain popular this year, lighting interior spaces when they match a light-colored decor, making the narrow areas look more spacious.

While the honey color is still a popular choice for flooring.


Mix of brown gradients

For those who want to achieve a very contrasting scene, without choosing between dark and light colors, it is advisable to adopt the two options together by combining the different colors in the wood floor, such as walnuts, espresso and honey.

This contrast in color within a specific space corresponds to contemporary and ancient spaces.


Gray to Beige (Greg)

The gray color of the parquet flooring continues this year, with the tendency to use gray to beige, which makes the room more vibrant, compared to gray, which is a cool color.


Laminate flooring

The glittering touches of flooring are no longer popular, but the trend is more towards "matt" colors.

It is pointed out that amortization finishes will prevail in the foreseeable future, not only because they are practical but because they hide flaws.

The matt flooring is more modern than the shiny ones.


Long wood panels

Long wood panels give the space a modern look and make the rooms look more spacious, away from the traditional "chess" look.


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