Vinyl and parquet flooring in interior decoration
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Whether parquet flooring or vinyl flooring is the basis for the selection of other interior decoration elements, it reflects the beauty of furniture, and also prints the place in its style.

In this context, "Madam Net" illustrates the differences between vinyl and parquet flooring, and each characterizes its interior decoration.

1-Vinyl flooring in interior decoration:

Vinyl flooring is commonly used in places that define humidity, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

Vinyl floors are full of industrial fiber, stain resistant, versatile, and provide good durability.

Thanks to a number of developments over the years, vinyl flooring has become attractive and economical and is easy to clean, and is available in many colors and styles, in line with the interior decoration.

And it is...

There are two types of vinyl flooring: laminate flooring, where floor materials are placed in sheets of 6 or 12 feet wide.

Tile floors, which use 9x9 or 12x12 tiles, while the plates are more water-resistant and easier to install, many homeowners prefer vinyl tiles, which resemble ceramic tiles at a reasonable cost.

* Advantages of vinyl flooring:

• It is comfortable under foot, reduces noise, making it suitable in homes inhabited by children or containing pets.
• They are less expensive, compared to many other flooring options. It is easy to install and maintain.
• Available in several colors to suit different decorations.


* Disadvantages of vinyl flooring:
• Vinyl flooring does not withstand heavy loads and can be damaged by sharp objects.
• Colors fade with exposure to direct sunlight, so vinyl use is not recommended in outdoor areas.


2-Parquet floors:

Parquet is suitable for all budgets, and its price is associated with the type of wood. The most expensive price includes practical wood resistant to moisture and water, made of solid wood that lasts long.

The cheapest is limited to wood-wrapped MDF.

The parquet usually takes the color of the natural wood veneer, as its color ranges from light wood, kale, gray, and yellow, and the dark brown and orange brown, depending on the type of tree.

A new technique is finally being used to create new colors of parquet that are suitable for home decoration and rely on industrial color coloring to obtain black and white.

* Parquet in classical and modern decoration:

• The parquet strips are placed on the floor, next to each other vertically, or at a 90 degree angle between each and every piece in both the rustic and urban decoration patterns.
• Some forms of parquet include drawings within the wood or geometric shapes, which suits the classical decoration style.
• Some models are available in the form of square pieces installed horizontally, especially used in modern boys' bedrooms.

Others take in corrugated shapes in several colors, and are used in both classical and traditional decoration styles.

* Maintenance work:

• It is sufficient to wipe the parquet with a special towel when cleaning, which is not consistent with those who pour water buckets when cleaning the house.
• It does not absorb footprints. However, the problem can be solved by installing a soundproofed layer between parquet and floor.
• Parquet requires maintenance works such as all types of flooring, especially covered with a protective layer made of wax, in order to avoid scratching.


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