• How are prices calculated?


    If there is a room with an area of 40 square meters, its price will certainly be less than a room with an area of 80 square metres

    Number of spaces

    If there is an area of 100 square meters and it is one room, its price will be different if it is the same area but divided into two rooms because in this case two different design ideas will be required.

    Design quality

    Almost all types of designs are equal in price, except for complex design styles such as Baroque, Romanesque, or Rococo, which require more time and effort in designing decorations and preparing plans.

  • Are the designs applicable to reality?

    Yes, the designs are applicable to reality and we have many projects that have been implemented or are under implementation over the past years

    Our designs are characterized by realism. All materials used in the design are existing materials and available in the local market. We describe the materials using commercial codes such as paint and wallpaper numbers.

    In addition to a set of executive plans that show measurements and installation details for gypsum, marble, water jet drawings, wood and their types.

  • What about furniture designs?

    In the designs, we use models of international furniture and simple high-end models that are similar or identical in some cases in local and international markets. For pieces that are designed to fit a specific function or size in the design, such as reception counters, connected sofas, or hotel rooms, implementation plans are made for them. Shows measurements and quality of materials

  • What if I don't like the designs?

    Our work stages are well arranged and organized, which avoids surprises or unexpected results
    To begin with, we present to you a design questionnaire, which contains a selected set of questions in which we study your favorite colors and materials

    Then we present to you a furniture distribution plan, which shows you the locations of the pieces such as chairs, tables, beds, desks, etc

    Also, we do not forget to receive from you ideas or images that you may have liked, whether from our previous work or any other images.

    After all these steps, we begin the design and present it to you, which may stem from the previous stage. You also have the right to amend it once or request a complete change in the event that it does not match what was agreed upon in the first stages.

  • Do you design bathrooms and kitchens?

    Kitchen design now has specialized companies that design and implement according to their standard units and for modular production. Therefore, we advise our clients to go to one of the widespread kitchen showrooms and contract with them for design and implementation and save the costs of designing and implementing them in a special way and in special sizes.

    Regarding bathrooms, we design them in the colors of marbled porcelain or marble with mosaic, so that it is easy for the customer to apply them from the local market without suffering.

  • Does the design include distribution of air conditioners?

    We study the locations of the supply and return openings in light of our design of the ceiling and furniture distribution, based on the mechanical plan provided by the client’s specialized air conditioning companies.
    But we have nothing to do with the measurements of the openings, the ducts, the mechanical loads, or the capacity of the machines

  • Do you design small spaces?

    The minimum acceptable area is 100 square metres

  • Do you help us with implementation or supervise it?

    Yes, we allocate for each design contract a set of supervision visits, which can be increased according to the need of the work at an additional cost. We also have a list of suppliers and contractors that we recommend to our clients as a form of assistance with them in implementing the designs on the ground.

  • Do you design outside Riyadh?

    Yes, clients outside Riyadh can contact us via mobile phone, email, or WhatsApp, and we have many successful projects outside Riyadh and even outside the Kingdom.

  • Where do we find examples of Vera designs?

    You can view it through the company’s official website WWW.VERAINTERIOR.COM, through the company’s previous work record, or by visiting the company’s headquarters and having a free design meeting.

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We are honored to deal and cooperate with your esteemed company and the good dealings of Eng. Dia and all of the best engineers with a spirit of brotherhood and a sense of responsibility and customer
satisfaction, and we wish God Almighty to give us confidence and guide you to what he loves and
satisfies and a range of success and brilliance

Abd Allah Al Dakheel

Vario Chocolate

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable prophets and messengers I was pleased this day, Wednesday 3/23/2016 AD, when I visited the new headquarters of the company, and when I saw the splendor and accuracy of the aesthetics of the new headquarters, I ask God Almighty to bless you and bless you from his bounty and to the Imam, and I also do not fail to thank Eng. And generous hospitality, may God reward you.

Abd Alrahman Alqahtany

Al Wefaq Rent A Car Company

We are honored to work with the wonderful group VERA.
Honesty in work, attention to deadlines, and high-class dealing, and Vera will become a global company,
God willing. Thank you very much

Eng. Abdullah Al-Sufyani

Divan Restaurant

Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and after,
We, Al-Amikan Travel and Tourism Company, were honored to deal with the Vera Interior Design Office, and we were very pleased to respond to us and to our requests and comments, wishing them all the best
success and further progress, and God bless you

Abdul-Illah Al-Jabal Al-Anzi

Amikan Travel & Tours

Inability to express our gratitude and joy at the extent of professionalism, accuracy and taste that we
saw with Vera Company, a sea of creativity and luxury with classic or modern .. you achieved an
unspeakable level of creativity, asking God Almighty for continued progress and success and more creativity
and development

Mansour & Hasnaa

Elite Compound

I thank and appreciate the work of Vera for interior design and their beautiful and wonderful touches,
and thanks go to you, engineer Diaa and all the brothers working in the company. I ask God Almighty to
grant you success and success.

Mohamed Marzogy


Praise be to God from the praise and peace and blessings of God and bless his Prophet and his servant.
After, I was pleased to visit Vera for interior design and decoration this afternoon, and I looked at the design of the upper hall décor and was pleased with this design, quality and splendor of the work. I wish them luck and blessings in money and work.

Sheikh Adil al-Kalbani

Imam of the Great Mosque of Mecca
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