Ideas in the decor of 2018
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

On the doors of the new year, the application of decoration ideas, which makes our homes look new. To this end, "Madam Net" visited the art of living exhibition, which was recently organized in Beirut, and returned with new images of the fashion of furniture, and employed in decorative ideas that could revolutionize in 2018 if followed.
1. Colors


| Enter blue and its derivatives into the living room, as well as beige and gray (gray to beige) and gray. The sign that Yellow was a fashion star, in the "decorations" last year.
| Realistic contrast color in the "decorations" area. For example: If the background of the room is white, furnish it with dark-colored furniture.
| Add green to your space, if your furniture is colored in neutral colors, especially beige.
| Light colors to look at in the kitchen, especially white, light up space and make it look spacious. Choose another color for a limited number of cabinets, or add a different touch by selecting a different wood.
2. Fabrics


| Choose lightweight velvet and silk fabrics, for noclassic sofas and chairs, or choose flax and leather fabrics in light colors for modern space furniture.
| Get into the popular Novok fabrics this season, or the available Alcantra at a lower cost.
| I taste the decor of the room with a sofa or a seat, wrapped with a buttoned cloth.
3. Raw materials


| Do not give up wood in your space, it can spread warmth wherever it is. In this context, you can choose between walnut wood, massev wood and natural wood veneer. Dark wood is no longer popular.
| Take care of the leather-topped dining table chairs on iron-filled menus. It is also popular for tables with wooden roofs and iron bars, and side tables with marble surfaces in the Modern style, away from the marble entrance to the dining table top.
| Book and antiques in the living room, in an open library with marble and wooden shelves.
4. Lighting


| Your space is illuminated by warm yellow lighting filled with LED technology, indicating that the lighting units are finally involved in the design of the mirrors.
| Choose chandeliers filled with Bohemian crystal, Swarovski and Murano.
5. Accessories


| In the modern space, the accessories are made of crystal or colored marble, and are of a quiet color, especially the color of gold.
| Choose cotton cushions with old photos to make a "fintage" feel.

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