Innovative ideas for applying the latest interior decoration designs for home
Saturday, March 30, 2019

It is a good interest in the decoration of the corners of the rooms, including the views and the following, innovative ideas to apply the latest designs of interior decoration, at a low cost:

The latest interior decoration designs

1. Shelves made of wood or glass shall be placed in the corner, to be painted in a striking manner so as to attract the sight or to harmonize with the adjacent furniture.

2. Invites the latest interior decoration designs to be attached to small size plates or family photos in the middle of the corner, and in length.

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3. Draw geometrical shapes or roses on the wall in the corner, or even a large tree stretching from the bottom corner to the ceiling. It is possible to paste pictures of family members on each branch of the tree branches.

4. Hanging decorative lights on the corner, starting from the ceiling, according to the latest interior decoration designs.

5. Ornamental plants are placed in the corner, and in this frame the choice of climbing plant in the latest decorations corners of the house.

6. Attach a longitudinal mirror to the corner, especially in the narrow room, as it helps make the space look spacious.

7. Place a fish tank or cage for decorative birds in a corner of the kitchen or living room corners.

8. Decorated wooden decor and geometric shape hangs, and the latter can be tailored to the carpenter, or inspired by the shops of furniture or decoration.


London - Katia Haddad