Amy Exton reveals details of the interior design of her home
Monday, October 29, 2018

When you first look at this house in Kent's Margaret Town, England, which is designed by Emmy Exton, you will not be able to discover what is inside of the exterior painted in a creamy light, but once you get inside you feel like you're inside a flourishing garden where colors Pink, green and blue that cover floors, walls, stairs and ceilings.

The effect is multiplier, where these colors are displayed with 3-D and 2D shapes. As the light changes, new colors appear from each surface.

Once your eyes adjust to multiple colors, you can start looking at the details, finding the kerobic lamp holder, the porcelain panther shapes, and the elegant wooden tables.

"I did not have a background on interior design, I did not get these rules to follow, but I'm just designing what I think looks good," said Exton, who studied art at the Central St Martins Academy. "Most of the things I love You'll look crazy in most of the interior designs, but the gray direction does not suit me perfectly. I like vibrant colors and designs. "

Exton's house, which it had purchased two years ago, was painted in basic brown colors. The building is part of a complex dating back to the late 19th century, formerly Princess Mary Hospital. It was used as a mini-clinic for children and then converted to Residential use.

Exton launched her fashion design label after graduating from university, but her goal was always to work in interior decoration.

"I'm not good at describing my work, but I think that's why I enjoyed my first home design so much that I could do whatever I wanted," says Exton.

In the kitchen, Exton painted a mural of fluorescent, orange, blue and green stars and inserted patterns of animal print into the design, saying, "I've spent a lot of time making this wall."

Behind the dining table is another fresco, this time for a landscape on a tropical beach printed on phenylene, Exton has customized with wide limits for animal printing.

The living room is located on the first floor and reflects the purple color of the roof, the pink coral walls that create a bivalent effect with the sunset.


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