Great Italian designs for a luxurious and modern workshop
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lighting in the home is not a personal choice, which depends on the shape only, there must be a study of the vacuum in order to assess the amount of lighting required and health required and calculated accurately, as well as determine the angle and place of its appropriate place, where you choose the attractive designs that fit the interior decoration in your home by method Design and colors used in each room. For this purpose, we have chosen some of the best Italian brands in the design of modern and distinctive lighting devices.


The most important Italian brands of lighting devices

Known for the Italian designs in this area, its wide fame and craftsmanship, which began with the Murano glass known and continued to create distinctive companies reputation. There are many Italian designs for luxury lighting devices, which will mention the most prominent such as:

 Slamp - Aetemide - Nella Vetrina - Foscarini - Masiero - Flos - Tato.


The shapes of different lighting devices within your home decor

- Chandeliers: hanging from ceilings such as large crystal chandeliers, or luxury Murano chandeliers and there are also modern forms that rely on metal and wood sometimes.

It is possible to rely on one basic chandelier that draws attention to it and can be used more than one as it is sometimes placed in the corner of the room in the modern decoration to focus on a corner and to break the beholder.


- Floor lamps: placed in the corners of the space and can be changed places as needed, often placed in the corners of the reading next to the library wall in the living room.


- LEDs on the side tables: It also function to strengthen the lighting in the corners for reading.

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