Learn about the 2019 interior decorating highlights
Tuesday, December 25, 2018

There are a lot of aspects of the interior decoration, which remained from the previous year, and maintained its position in addition to some of the new details that appeared in the 2019 decorations as we will see pictures.

The most prominent fashion decoration for 2019

- Dark colors or earthy degrees, such as blue, blue, oily and oily, are all a combination of dark and warm colors that we will see in the 2019 home decor.

Inspired by fashion trends and accessories, we will see them in furniture designs, bed sheets, curtains and other interior decoration details for 2019.

- Unique bishop's designs, make the ceiling of the room a magnet as we will see in the pictures.

- The tiger inscription: It is a bold and feminine reflections, we see it a lot in the platforms of fashion shows, as well as the designs of 2019, where we can see in a comfortable pocket, cushions on the bed, wallpaper and others.

- Multi-purpose furniture: a practical and modern form, such as a cupboard that can be used as a chair, tables used as chairs.

- Boho style: A style of decor known and always present, but has emerged recently, especially as it reflects modernity and boldness.

- Engineering lines: Bold and sharp as in furniture designs, wallpaper and other interior decoration details for 2019.

- Curved furniture: Instead of the traditional cupboard with existing angles, it can be replaced by circular or curved molding.

- Modern wallpaper: Inspired by nature.




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