Home Decoration Saudi Arabia: Ceiling Guest Boards
Thursday, December 13, 2018

It is clear that the ceiling of guest boards promote in the decoration of Saudi houses, in the field of decorating the roofs and walls.
Interior decoration engineer Akram Mohammed Al-Khazab reviews with "sayidaty.Net" information about the decorations of the House of the Councils of Saudi Arabia, in the following:

Ceiling roofs are not the only ones to decorate houses, as there are other types of decorating are those wood or resistance to bacteria, that is formed of ceiling materials, and coated on both sides of paper reinforced, making them ready to receive the paint directly, taking into account the competence of the technician responsible for installation .
A moisture-proof and fireproof type is coated in green, made from the interior of gypsum, silicon, fiberglass and plasterboard.
On the wall gypsum in the decoration of the guest boards, the "panes", those combined with concealed lighting, and the "mosaic" with the types of stones stand out.
The decoration of these rooms is different, and the bathroom is very spacious, and it is distinguished by its grandeur, as well as the different styles of decoration, classic, neo-classical and modern.

The basics of decorating the walls
To choose the decorative wallpaper, consider the following:
• Attention to color, whether you want to apply different colors with other elements such as furniture, or complementary colors for furniture.
• Achieving harmony.
• Consider the size of the area.
• Pay attention to choosing the right lighting.


Riyadh _ Noha Al-Sadawi- sayidaty.Net