Taste Design … with our services

01. Design
The interior design service on the traditional stages of Vera, which the company has been famous for over the past ten years Initial idea, 3D perspective then shop drawing plans
02. FF&E
It provides an interior design service in three stages, then, a table of quantities and specifications according to the local or international markets and codes. It supplies some items such as furniture, accessories, and furniture paper from the local market with a design match rate of up to 80% of the three-dimensional images. Vera supply, installation and warranty are taken. With its own manufacturing inside or outside the Kingdom with a match rate of 95%.
03. Turn Key
An estimated price per square meter, including design and implementation, shall be contracted We provide the interior design service in two stages only, and then the pricing work for the project begins, so that the final price is calculated for all works Implementation work begins on the site after the approval of the final pricing Study items for furniture and accessories and provide a quotation Site delivery, quantification teams, and liquidation

Welfare is our Guarantee

Vera is one of the leading residential design companies in Saudi Arabia. We offer design services for interior and exterior spaces of the place, and we provide architectural drawings with full executive details. Our residential design services include: palaces, villas, apartments and other residential areas. We design all the spaces from bedrooms to living rooms, gardens and pools, landscaping and others. The design includes gypsum walls and suspended ceilings for floors. We also use the economic and safe materials for the family to the highest degree possible to add atmosphere and touch for each family.


Five Star Design

a multi-disciplinary Hospitality development firm for Hotels & coffee shops and restaurants, offering everything from sketches conceptualization and repositioning through to design and development, construction administration, turnkey installation, market strategy and new product launch. Our Philosophy is simple… Innovative design solutions drive rates and top-line revenue. We approach each project from the owner and operators’ perspective...analyzing how our decisions and selections best create product differentiation, attract the target market segment, and create an exceptional experience for the guest.


Stylish …. Attractive … so, profitable

Good design is not just a luxury but a necessity. Every day more and more stores and malls are designed with the latest interior design trends, and the general public’s level of understanding of design is improving continuously. As a result, modern design standards are rising. Of course the place will fail to attract the attention of clients and or to make them feel well-being and luxury; it will lead to disdain.


Solve work spaces puzzle

A thorough analysis of your workplace needs: work station, storage, breakout areas, meeting rooms, audio-visual, air-conditioning, IT, kitchens, etc.


Color your lifestyle

Firstly, Vera team distinct between a group class-based fitness 'studio', with a limited equipment set-up, as opposed to a 'gym' facility with a full equipment set-up covering cardio, strength, movement and mobility zones. we also present interior design for special activity for female gym and beauty center such as body care, hair style, make up area and tailor

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