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Yes, our designs are applicable to the reality and we have many projects that have been implemented or being implemented over the past years. 

Our designs are characterized by realism and all the materials used in the design are present and available materials in the local market and we mention characterization and coded materials such as paints figures and wallpaper. 

In addition to the shop drawings that show the measurements and details of the composition of the plaster, marble and drawing of tendon Jet, woods by its types.

Our price depends on three main determinants are:


If there is an area of ​​a room 40 meters it will definitely be priced less than 80 square meters’ room 

Number of Spaces

If there was an area of ​​100 m for one room so its price will be different if the same space 100m but is divided into two rooms, because in this case would be required two designs of different ideas. 

Types of design

Almost all types of designs are equally in prices except complex design models such as the Baroque, Rococo, Romanesque or which need more time and effort in the design motifs and the preparation of plans 

We use the designs models of the global furniture simple and high-end models for which there are similar or identical in some cases in local and global markets, and for pieces that are designed to suit a job or a specific size in the design, such as counters reception or joined sofas or hotel rooms that is being provided by plans which describes the measurements and quality of materials.

Stages of the work which we have is tidy and well organized, which avoids surprises or unexpected results

At the beginning we provide you a questionnaire that contains a selection of questions in which we study your favorite colors and materials you prefer to be in the design.

Then we provide you the scheme of furniture which tells you the locations of chairs, tables, beds, desks, etc.

And also we receive from you ideas or images that have grabbed your attention either from our designed projects or any other images.

After all these stages we begin the design and present it to you, that which has been stemmed from the previous stage and also you have the right to modify it once or request complete change in case if it is not in conformity with what was agreed upon in the early stages.
Kitchens has a specialized companies that design and implement it in accordance with standard units which have to produce a modular, so we recommend our customers to go to a kitchen gallery for design and implementation, for a reduced cost of design and implementation with particularly sizes.
About the bathrooms, we design it but using colors of marble, porcelain or severity of marble mosaic to be easier for the client in applying it from the local market without suffering.

Studying nutrition slots sites and the reflux in the view of the roof design and the distribution of furniture, which has been offered to us from the specialized HVAC companies provided by the customer. But we are not responsible about the measurements of openings or Aldakt or mechanical loads and the ability of machines. 

The minimum acceptable space is 100 square meters.
Yes we allocate each contract a set of supervision visits, which can be increased according to the need of work, as we have a list of suppliers and contractors we nominate it to our customers as a form of assistance to the client in the application of the designs on the ground.

Yes, customers outside Riyadh can contact us through mobile or E-mail or WhatsApp, and we have a lot of successful projects outside Riyadh and even outside the Kingdom.

VERA’s designs samples are available on the official website of the company WWW.VERAINTERIOR.COM or through company’s designs log by visiting the company's headquarter and get a free design meeting

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