small bedrooms is not a hindrance !

Many of us have a bedroom with a small and narrow space and it is unfortunate that because we do not know how to design it, there are some mistakes that prevent us from enjoying our rooms. One of the large areas where the large areas are difficult to coordinate and in most cases the furniture seems not distributed and does not feel coordination except when using an interior designer who studies all the spaces and divides them in a professional engineering way

Here are some ways to help you coordinate your small-sized bedroom

First: List all activities that will be carried out in the room

  • Do you need an office?

Do you need a double or a single bed?

Do you need a seating area?

What size of closet do you need?

After writing down everything that will be used in the room, start drawing the space and distributing all activities

When writing activities, the following should be observed:

  • It is wrong to place the head of the bed under the window or next to the door, which may lead to discomfort, and the best way is to place it on the wall opposite the door
  • It is a mistake to place many pieces of furniture in the same wall, it should be distributed equally and comfortably
  • It is necessary to leave space to move around

Second: After distributing the furniture and considerate what has been mentioned previously

Are the activities mentioned above have the room in your place? If the answer is no

 You should start by filtering and dispensing with some activities, for example, it is possible to place the office in another room of the house instead of the bedroom, and so on. One of the best ways to deal with narrow spaces is multi-use furniture, which dispense us from stacking furniture pieces in the room randomly

Finally: see areas that are close to your space online or on our site and try on paper until you feel comfortable in the design and that is better than buying beautiful pieces in the wrong place.


And always remember that small space is not a hindrance to beauty