Vera Company welcomes the international kitchen designer Amr Helmy in Riyadh

Vera Interior Design (established in 2011) had the honor to participate in the Egyptian-Saudi Business Forum for the year 2023 in Riyadh in cooperation with the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and the Egyptian Exporters Association and in the presence of a high-level delegation of businessmen and businessmen from both countries in the field of development projects in the fields of building and construction and other sectors. Engineering and chemical industries

Vera Interior Design and Decoration Company has held many successful meetings and concluded commercial agreements with leading companies in the manufacture and export of furniture at the highest level, including Multi M Group (Mom), La Roche Company, Sea Realty Company, Smart Furniture Company and many leading companies in the field of home and office furniture industry. And the hotel and the supply of luxury decoration supplies

And it was a special and interesting meeting with the creative international designer Amr Helmy, who enjoyed beautiful excerpts in a special meeting about the arts of designing kitchens and the latest techniques of designing dressing rooms and using the technique of summoning clothes from storage by sound or remote control, as well as how to exploit spaces by making vertical kitchens in residential villas that serve more of floors

The meeting dealt with opportunities for expansion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar

The meeting ended with souvenir photos that brought together Vera's team and its CEO, designer Dia Gamal, with international designer Amr Helmy