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komnata-divan-mebel-interer Residential design

Vera is one of the leading residential design companies in Saudi Arabia. We offer design services for interior and exterior spaces of the place, and we provide architectural drawings with full executive details. Our residential design services include: palaces, villas, apartments and other residential areas. We design all the spaces from bedrooms to living rooms, gardens and pools, landscaping and others. The design includes gypsum walls and suspended ceilings for floors. We also use the economic and safe materials for the family to the highest degree possible to add atmosphere and touch for each family.

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interer-spalnya-dizayn Hospitality Design

As a Vera team we provide detailed studies of hotels from star to five stars taking into account the basics of design of each type. Hotel Location: Vera designers believe that the most important part of hotel design is orientation, it is not important for the north direction but the direction of the sights. This is because the guest needs in the short time spent in the hotel to see the beautiful scenery and not enjoy the guidance. As engineers, we study the elements of the hotel first for the best design of the hotel lobby: preferably two floors high and be equipped with natural lighting for lighting and ventilation using multiple techniques depending on the type of hotel, to the bedroom and then to the dining rooms to the wedding halls where the designers of Vera separated the halls with high flexibility to achieve the desired. Design hotels.

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vannaya-komnata-vanna-okno Commercial & Offices

Good design is not just a luxury but a necessity. Every day more and more stores and malls are designed with the latest interior design trends, and the general public’s level of understanding of design is improving continuously. As a result, modern design standards are rising. Of course the place will fail to attract the attention of clients and or to make them feel well-being and luxury; it will lead to disdain. Only by ensuring that your shop design is stylish and attractive will you increase competitiveness. Do not lose your business edge to competitors because of a lack of effective design. Vera can help you create an atmosphere of well-being and luxury with the latest innovations in the design of shops and malls.

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kitchen-interior-home-white Health & Beauty Design

We, Vera Architects, offer interior ideas in the very elegance and sophistication of the design of healthcare centers. Our engineers have the experience in planning and designing spaces. We believe that health centers and beauty centers must always appear in a clean and unique environment that makes you love their interior design at first sight, to attract everyone's attention. By carefully designed spaces to ensure full compatibility between function and aesthetics. We take care of the details before anything and provide the appropriate design for the project and the idea of the client and his view of the project. Most importantly, our team provides the centers with state-of-the-art technologies that increase the efficiency of the place and suit all areas.

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rr04 Educational Design

Vera designers have sufficient experience designing educational buildings and facilities where we have the ability to provide long-term solutions that enhance the learning environment for students, employees and society. We have extensive work experience in new and refurbished facilities, building additions, classroom remodeling, and sporting and recreational facilities.

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218 Complete Projects
104 Residential Projects
31 Hotel & Resorts
11 Coffee & Restaurant
17 Head offices
7 Healthy & Sport


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