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Unifonic is a leading company in the field of communications and digital technologies, with its headquarters located in one of Riyadh’s most famous towers, Hamad Tower on King Fahd Road.
Vera Company provided services from pre-design to turnkey delivery, starting with the selection and study of the appropriate site for the company’s headquarters, through the designs and implementation, until this distinctive design was finally created.
The site was carefully selected and designed on an open-plan work system that contributes to achieving the highest level of communication in modern management systems. A number of official meeting rooms were also designed, as well as cabins for communication and remote meetings. It was also taken into account the existence of interactive areas between employees for multiple uses, such as dining, entertainment, and celebration.
The engineering department of Vera Company is also responsible for designing and distributing electrical points, networks, cameras, HDMI cables, and audio and visual systems, especially in this type of administrative project.
The architectural design is also characterized by flexibility in combining and allocating spaces through movable partitions that suit multiple uses and specialize in work areas.
Finally, green environmental design plays a major role in this project, and Vera Company is a pioneer in this design school and is well aware of the latest global trends and visions that are friendly to the environment, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

What our clients say

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We are honored to deal and cooperate with your esteemed company and the good dealings of Eng. Dia and all of the best engineers with a spirit of brotherhood and a sense of responsibility and customer
satisfaction, and we wish God Almighty to give us confidence and guide you to what he loves and
satisfies and a range of success and brilliance

Abd Allah Al Dakheel

Vario Chocolate

We are honored to work with the wonderful group VERA.
Honesty in work, attention to deadlines, and high-class dealing, and Vera will become a global company,
God willing. Thank you very much

Eng. Abdullah Al-Sufyani

Divan Restaurant

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable prophets and messengers I was pleased this day, Wednesday 3/23/2016 AD, when I visited the new headquarters of the company, and when I saw the splendor and accuracy of the aesthetics of the new headquarters, I ask God Almighty to bless you and bless you from his bounty and to the Imam, and I also do not fail to thank Eng. And generous hospitality, may God reward you.

Abd Alrahman Alqahtany

Al Wefaq Rent A Car Company

I thank and appreciate the work of Vera for interior design and their beautiful and wonderful touches,
and thanks go to you, engineer Diaa and all the brothers working in the company. I ask God Almighty to
grant you success and success.

Mohamed Marzogy


Inability to express our gratitude and joy at the extent of professionalism, accuracy and taste that we
saw with Vera Company, a sea of creativity and luxury with classic or modern .. you achieved an
unspeakable level of creativity, asking God Almighty for continued progress and success and more creativity
and development

Mansour & Hasnaa

Elite Compound

Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and after,
We, Al-Amikan Travel and Tourism Company, were honored to deal with the Vera Interior Design Office, and we were very pleased to respond to us and to our requests and comments, wishing them all the best
success and further progress, and God bless you

Abdul-Illah Al-Jabal Al-Anzi

Amikan Travel & Tours

Praise be to God from the praise and peace and blessings of God and bless his Prophet and his servant.
After, I was pleased to visit Vera for interior design and decoration this afternoon, and I looked at the design of the upper hall décor and was pleased with this design, quality and splendor of the work. I wish them luck and blessings in money and work.

Sheikh Adil al-Kalbani

Imam of the Great Mosque of Mecca

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