Seven tips for choosing the right lighting:

Seven tips for choosing the right lighting:

One of the most important things in interior design is lighting, and many of us make mistakes in choosing the right lighting in the right place, sometimes we choose beautiful lighting, but in the wrong place, which makes it look not beautiful and fades the entire place, so here are some tips that will help you choose the right lighting

In the case of hanging a chandelier is installed on a table like dining tables or desks, it is important to consider leaving a distance of at least 30cm to avoid a person colliding with the chandelier when standing.
How to choose the size of the chandelier: Suppose the room size is 4 * 5, we add the length to the width, for example:

4 + 5 = 9
We divide the result by 12
9/12 = 0.75
So the appropriate diameter, while the chandelier is in the middle of the room, is 0.75

Consider that each activity in the home has a specific lighting type, and not all activities have uniform lighting
When mirrors and sinks, lighting should be at the level of looking and not from the ceiling, either on the wall or down from the ceiling to the level of the face in order not to create shadows on the face and make it difficult to look at the mirrors
Knowing that there are two types of lighting, spotlight (for offices, for example), and general lighting (in living and sleeping rooms), the difference between them is that general lighting is evenly diffused and comfortable to consider, whereas spotlight is used to highlight a specific thing and is used to highlight a certain activity such as the reading location Work and dining tables
We must know that lighting has different colors and one of the most successful ways in lighting the place is to unify the color of the lighting in the area and avoid mixing more than one color such as putting in one room white lighting and yellow lighting at one time
Bulbs also have clear glass bulbs, which distribute the lighting specifically, and there are dark glass bulbs from which the light source cannot be known.

Finally, the lighting is different and its types are many. The most important point for a successful lighting of the place is to study the place and the activity used in it, and on the basis of which we decide the color of the lighting

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